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Thank you for joining Ojai Food Taxi! Please fill out the following form so that we can create or update your restaurant's dedicated webpage as well as include your restaurant in the appropriate categories. There are multiple ways for your restaurant to stand out on Ojai Food Taxi and they all depend on the content that you submit to represent your business: high resolution logo, great photos, concise and descriptive copywriting and representation in the categories that reflect your menu.


When submitting photos and logos for consideration, they must have a high enough resolution (PPI) to be clear at the maximum size used on the website. Professional, well-lit photos that make your food look delicious will more likely be used on the home page and anywhere else we choose to post photos. When it comes to logos, please send us a copy of the original file, not a scanned image or low resolution copy. Please send photos and graphics to or upload HERE


Ojai Food Taxi would like to feature your restaurant's menus on your dedicated webpage. There are four ways to do this in order of preference:

  1. The most professional integrated menu layout requires that you prepare and submit your menu to us in this FORMAT. View a SAMPLE MENU to see how it would look.
  2. You can submit your menu as a PDF which customers can download to view with the text "Download Menu PDF."
  3. We can link to the menu on your website with the text "Visit Restaurant Website."
  4. We can link to your online ordering page on our website with the text "View Menu & Order Online."


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Restaurant Representative
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Please write in 3rd person and make it concise and descriptive: 4-6 sentences. You can describe your cuisine, signature dishes, awards, introduce your chef or include any other significant information. Your description needs to reflect that you serve the cuisine categories you select.
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Please list your operating hours. Ojai Food Taxi will limit delivery to our posted hours.