Frequently Asked Questions


What do you charge for your services?

Our service rates differ depending on the service ordered. Please click on the following buttons to view rates for each type of service. 


Can I preschedule my delivery order?

Absolutely! We are here to help you balance your busy schedule with quality time and understand your need to plan ahead for prompt service. You can schedule your delivery at a time that best suits you. All delivery order forms request a delivery date and time. Delivery times scheduled outside of regular business hours may be charged an additional service fee. Please CONTACT us for special circumstances.

Can I order from multiple restaurants or stores?

Yes, of course you can! Restaurant deliveries are billed individually for each stop because our regular rates reflect the most reasonable fee we can offer based on an average cost of time, distance, and mileage. Errands and grocery deliveries are structured somewhat differently. Please see the Rates section above for detailed information on each type of delivery. Please CONTACT us for special arrangements.

What if my favorite restaurant will not accept payment by phone?

All the restaurants in our network will process your order regardless if they accept credit or debit card payment over the phone. Ojai Food Taxi will pay for the order and bring you the receipt, which you can pay along with the delivery charge by cash, credit or debit card upon delivery.

Can I order from a restaurant outside of your network?

Yes, you can! Please place your order directly with Ojai Food Taxi by PHONE (805) 798-4446 or by TEXT at (805) 444-0884. Out of network restaurant orders incur an extra $5 fee. Please bear in mind that there is a $10 minimum for credit or debit card payments. 

Will you pick up and deliver a catering order?

We would be delighted to! We are equipped to pick up and deliver large orders. Pricing will depend on the size of the order and location of caterer or restaurant. Please CONTACT us to discuss the details.

Can I cancel my order?

If you call us immediately following submission of an order at (805) 798-4446, we may be able to cancel it before it has been processed. A delivery order can not be cancelled once it has been submitted to a restaurant or grocery store. An errand order can not be cancelled once we have made arrangements with a business for pickup or dispatched a driver. We understand that extraordinary circumstances do sometimes occur. In that case, please call us immediately at (805) 798-4446. Please see our POLICIES page for order cancellations, returns and refunds.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, Paypal, and cash. Drivers carries not more than $20 in change. The minimum order for debit and credit cards is $10.00. We may accept a business check under certain circumstances but we do not accept personal checks. Ojai Food Taxi is Merchant Verified by & Bank of America.

Can I tip the driver? What is customary?

Ojai Food Taxi drivers strive to give fast, friendly and efficient service. If you are pleased with your delivery service, we encourage you to acknowledge your driver with a tip. Customary tips are 15 - 20%.

You may add a tip when ordering online or over the phone. If you wish to tip the restaurant and the driver, please specify this in the Special Instructions box at checkout or mention this during your telephone order.

Do you offer coupons or discounts?

We offer a weekly coupon for our subscribers. You can sign up here with your email address.

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How do I pay for my grocery order?

A credit card number on file is required in order to process a grocery order. The card will not be charged unless you wish to use it at delivery or you opt to have your groceries left at your home when no-one is present to receive delivery. The credit card number will be requested during order confirmation or you may call Ojai Food Taxi to confirm your order at (805) 798-4446. Payment can be made by cash, credit or debit card and is due in full at time of delivery unless prior arrangements have been made.

How are grocery items chosen to fulfill my list?

We depend on you to communicate your preferences. If you want specific brands, sizes or items, please provide all the essential information so that we can find the item you want. If you are not specific, we will use our best judgment based on the information given.

Can you help me shop for organic or gluten free food?

Yes, we can! We understand that many individuals have food intolerances and allergies or follow specific diets. Please be EXPLICIT in your shopping list about the items you want as Ojai Food Taxi can not assume responsibility for the health of our customers. You may also indicate your preference for organic items on our Grocery Order Form.

If I am not home when your driver delivers my groceries, what happens?

When using the Grocery Order Form, please indicate your delivery preference in the event you are not home during the appointed delivery window. We can leave your groceries at a specified location at the delivery address or redeliver at a later time. We will call you on the number you provide to schedule redelivery. Ojai Food Taxi cannot assume liability for perishable items or loss when leaving groceries unattended or scheduling redelivery. There will be an additional charge for redelivery (amount will depend on the delivery address - maximum $10).

How do you handle frozen items? Will they still be frozen when I receive them?

To ensure all your groceries are delivered fresh and in their original state, we use special insulated bags to transport them to you. Some minor softening of frozen items may occur on very hot days during an Out of Town Delivery, but we do our best!

Do you deliver liquor and tobacco products? 

Yes, we can deliver both these types of items to you, provided you are of a legal age to purchase them. If you place an order for liquor, there must be an adult over the age of 21, with proper ID, to receive the delivery.  If you place an order for tobacco products, there must be an adult over the age of 18, with proper ID, to receive the delivery. If there is not an adult present, the groceries will not be deliverable at the scheduled time and a new delivery time will need to be scheduled at your expense. Ojai Food Taxi reserves the right to refuse delivery of liquor and tobacco products under any circumstance.


What types of errands can you do for me?

Ojai Food Taxi can help you with any type of errand that involves a pickup and delivery. This includes general courier service, person to person delivery, pickup/dropoff at the dry cleaners, pharmacy, alterations, clothing boutique, post office, etc. As long as there is not a lot of waiting or choices to be made on your behalf, we are happy to do it for our set prices. For errands that are more involved or include large items, please CONTACT us to discuss rates and details.