To begin your order, fill out the required information on our easy Errand Order Form by clicking on the button below.

Please submit a separate form for each Errand Service needed by 10:00 pm the night before your requested delivery date. 


Local Errand Service

Ojai Food Taxi offers local Errand Service on Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with delivery by 5:00 pm.

Out of Town Errand Service

Ojai Food Taxi offers Errand Delivery Service to stores in Ventura and Oxnard on Tuesday and Thursday with delivery by 5:00 pm. 

Please CONTACT us for deliveries outside these service areas and days. We are here to help!


Ojai Food Taxi drivers strive to give fast, friendly and efficient service. If you are pleased with your errand service, we encourage you to acknowledge your driver with a tip. Customary tips are 15 - 20%. 


In the event you are not home during the appointed delivery window, please indicate your delivery preference on the Errand Order Form. Ojai Food Taxi can not assume liability for perishable items or loss when leaving errand deliveries unattended or scheduling redelivery.


Errand Service rates are calculated by the time involved and the trip mileage. Additional stops are  discounted although the farthest distance will be used to calculate the initial service fee. 

Local Delivery Rates

  • First errand - $15
  • Additional errands - $5 per stop
  • Matilija Canyon - Add $5 to regular rate
  • Upper Ojai - Add $5 to regular rate

Ventura/Oxnard Delivery Rates

  • First errand - $25
  • Additional errands - $10 per stop
  • Matilija Canyon - Add $5 to regular rate
  • Upper Ojai - Add $5 to regular rate

Additional Rates

  • Beyond Ventura/Oxnard - CONTACT us for details and rates
  • Boarding schools & on-campus orders - Add $2.00 for extra delivery time
  • Redelivery after Unattended Delivery - Amount will depend on delivery address and item (maximum $25)


Payment is due in full at time of delivery unless prior arrangements have been made.

A credit card number on file is required in order to process an errand order. The card will not be charged unless you wish to use it at delivery or you opt to have your items left at your home when no-one is present to receive delivery. The credit card number will be requested during order confirmation or you may call Ojai Food Taxi to confirm at (805) 798-4446.


We accept all major credit and debit cards, Paypal, and cash. Drivers carries not more than $20 in change. The minimum order for debit and credit cards is $10.00. We may accept a business check under certain circumstances but we do not accept personal checks. 

Ojai Food Taxi is Merchant Verified by & Bank of America.