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A.J. Chinese Cuisine offers a wide variety of classic and regional Chinese dishes. “We have brought two chefs over from China, each with a wide range of cooking experience,” said Jessica Oestreich, co-owner of the restaurant. “One chef is from a 5 star hotel where he specialized in seafood dishes. Our other chef is from the famous Lui Ding Restaurant in Hong Kong whose focus is hotter, spicier dishes." “Our menu items are all made from healthy green foods, many locally grown,” said Alice Ramsey, the other co-owner. “Natural, fresh ingredients taste better, especially with the wide variety of vegetables used to cook Chinese dishes. We do not add food coloring or MSG to any dish and cook with healthy vegetable oils to give our customers the freshest and most delicious meals. The chefs select choice pieces of meat and chicken breast, then thinly slice to bring out the best taste during fast cooking.” Monthly specials created from seasonal crops will be featured along with luncheon specials.